Books And Monographs


Books And Monographs

1. Perry V.H., Andersson P-B, Coffey P.J. and Gordon S. (1992) Macrophage- microglial responses to excitotoxin-induced degeneration in the central nervous system. In mononuclear phagocytes: biology of monocytes and macrophages (ed. R. Van Turth). Kluwer Academic, Netherlands, pp 45-44.

2. Perry V.H., Brown M.C. & Andersson P-B. (1992) Macrophage responses to central and peripheral nerve injury. In advances in Neurology Vol 59 (ed F.J. Seil) Raven Press, Ltd, New York, pp 309-314.

3. Perry V.H., Brown M.C. & Andersson P-B (1993) Manipulating macrophages in nervous system repair. in Neuronal Cell Death and Repair. A.C. Cuello (ed). Elsevier Science Publishers, 193-199.

4. Goodkin D.E., Shulman M., Winkelhake J, Waubant E., Andersson P-B, Stewart T., Nelson S, Fischbein N, Coyle P.K., Frohmann E, Jacobs L, Holcenberg J, Lee M & Mocci, S. (2001) A Phase 1 Trial of solubilized DR2:MBP (84-102) (AG284 in multiple sclerosis. In Multiple Sclerosis: Tissue Destruction and repari. Kappos L, Johnson K. Infroma Health Care, 337-9.

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