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Dr. Andersson:

The greatest doctor I have ever been to. He should get a 10 score. Never have I been to a doctor who listens to my health conditions. I wasn't "cut off in 15 minutes " that seems to be the norm these days. My appointments was right on time and he actually comes out to the waiting himself to call a patient into his office. Again, a first for me. I trust him with my health, and I also received 2 pages of my questions, his thorough testing (a lot) and other testing results, and recommendations. His office personal was warm and friendly, and I really appreciate it. Thank you, Dr. Andersson, gratefully.

"Peter-Brian Andersson, MD, PhD is so great! I’ve recommended their practice to all my friends, family, and coworkers. Now, we all can rest assured knowing we see a doctor who knows their stuff and really cares."


"Peter-Brian Andersson, MD, PhD is kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I highly recommend working with Peter-Brian Andersson, MD, PhD, and know that I will return again and again for all of my medical needs."


"Peter-Brian Andersson, MD, PhD is a wonderful Neurologist, always putting me at ease and answering all my questions. You truly couldn’t ask for a better physician to take care of you and your loved ones."


I am a practicing Endodontist and have seen Dr Andersson on two separate occasions for neurologic injuries. Not only is he an extremely competent Neurologist, but his manner and ability to make you feel better non medically, is wonderful. A charming, charismatic gentleman ,with an extremely warm and caring attitude. I would never hesitate to see him for any Neurologic problem ...


I found him to be very warm with a sincere, personal interest in his patients. I was recommended to Dr. Andersson by a neurologist whose life Dr. Andersson saved. My neurologist friend told me that Dr. Andersson was one of the very best neurologists in the greater Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area. I fully agree. My opinion is based upon Dr. Andersson’s excellent treatment of me and his solution to my issue.


Dr. Andersson is very caring and compassionate to all of his patients. He is very educated and puts that education into practice. I am very comfortable with him and his staff whenever I enter the office. Thank you for everything you do.


Dr. Andersson is by far the most present, caring, empathetic and trusting Neurologist that I have ever been to and been treated by. I am only 42 years old and Dr. Andersson discovered and helped me during a very difficult and unexpected discovery of a tumor in my left temporal lobe. Even when I was turned over to a Brain Surgeon, my family and I always felt safe and supported by Dr. Andersson and that he would always make time to answer any questions or concerns that we had. We treasure him!

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